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Thursday 1st March 2018

Dear Parents/Carer,

The school remained closed today as a result of the continuing severe weather. Mr Bellamy has been working incredibly hard to try to make the school site itself safe and accessible, though the driveway and persistent black ice remains a significant problem.

The major issue we have faced this week however has been the treacherous travelling conditions faced by parents and staff alike. With many of our staff living further afield, particularly in Lincolnshire, it has been impossible to ensure we have sufficient staff arriving safely in school. Indeed, the countless accidents and road closures, coupled with police instructions not to travel have effectively shut down most of the county.

Having reviewed the weather forecast, warnings and official advice I do not foresee any significant change in the travelling conditions and therefore Canon Margaret and myself have decided to give you advance warning that the school will continue to be closed tomorrow (Friday 2nd ) on safety grounds. As I understand it Barnack Pre-School has already taken the decision to close tomorrow as well.

We never take the decision to close lightly, indeed this is the first snow closure of my tenure as head due to what are truly exceptional circumstances. I appreciate the inconvenience this may cause and can only try and mitigate this by giving you as much warning as possible.

We will rearrange the World Book Day dress up day and may have to put back Monday’s planned parents evening.  Hopefully everything will return to normality by next week.

Mr Fowkes



Dear Parent/Carer


As we always strive to do, we remain open and will continue to do so whilst it is safe both on site and for parents, children and staff travelling to school. Just wanted to reiterate that we will make any decision to close the school as early as possible and will update the website accordingly and additionally send an accompanying parent-mail . The most likely issue we have at school is the driveway which quickly becomes treacherous and may need to be closed for ordinary parental access.


We are continuing to monitor both the weather and weather warnings, there always seems to be extreme local variations with snowfall, today it wasn’t too bad in Barnack but a lot of staff, myself included, had trouble getting in due to the roads and accidents. Bearing in mind the forecast for later in the week it would seem prudent therefore to cancel the planned ‘Bedtime Stories’ event on Thursday evening. This coincides with the worst weather warnings and I feel it would be best to avoid unnecessary return journeys for yourselves and to keep staff late and ask many to drive home in the dark for a half an hour activity seems unwise.


As with all these decisions we make them with the best information to hand and I know that early decisions are best to avoid uncertainty.


After school clubs are also under review and we would ask you to keep checking the website for updates.


Mr Fowkes