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Indian Experience Day 2019


Thank you so much to Sunita who visited the school at the beginning of term to start our new India topic. The children had a fantastic day learning about Indian dance, culture, clothing, Hindu Gods and much more! Here are some photographs from the day:


Peterborough Cathedral visit- 26.11.18


On Monday, we had a fantastic visit to Peterborough Cathedral. The children learnt about Henry VIII and his children and what happened at the cathedral when Henry was king. They learnt about life for a monk and dressed up. We learnt that Peterborough's monks weren't always very well behaved but thanks to their very clever Abbot they were able to convince Henry VIII to keep their Abbey and change it into a cathedral.


In the afternoon, we learnt about illuminated manuscripts and how these were created by the monks. All the children had a go at writing with a feather quill as well as using modern pens to create their own version of The Lord's Prayer in Latin. We loved finding out about why there are some red coloured words on the manuscripts. Can you remember why and share this with an adult? What were the monks proud of?


Here are some photos of our day!



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The Great Fire of London!


We have been looking at the Museum of London's website and they have a Minecraft map that can be played on Mac and PC. Here is a link to the website- 

We also watched a video of London in 1666- 


There is more information here- 


Year 2 and Mrs Maxwell

Pirates of the Curry Bean

Pirates of the Curry Bean 1

Year 1 and 2 have been working on their evading skills. they have worked on their ability to change direction and speed quickly to dodge past defenders. They have also looked at scanning and finding space away from an opponent. This leads us well into invading space with equipment next half term. In the picture the pupils are playing a fun game called pirates of the curry bean, where pupils evade the pirates with swords to reclaim treasure. If they are caught they visit the sunken ship to roll a die.

If they roll an even number they can get another chance to reclaim the treasure, however, if they roll an odd number they become a zombie pirate who has to travel around in a hoop to tag. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed it as did Mr Jelleyman

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