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Cross Country Events 2016

Stamford Welland Pictures

Stamford Welland Pictures 1 Stamford Welland Boys Race
Stamford Welland Pictures 2 Stamford Welland Girls Race
Stamford Welland Pictures 3 What gets them over the line!

Werrington SOKE relay

Just to let you know how well both teams performed at the relays this weekend.

The team of Hugo, Joe, Seb and Finlay were VERY narrowly pipped to second place by Northborough, in what was a very tense race, where every one ran an amazing leg.  The pace of the race became apparent when the times were announced.  Barnack beat the previous course record, and the previous Barnack course record by more than 50 seconds!!!

The other team of Tommy, Ben, Felix and Spencer were determined through out, and all ran out of their skins.  

Special mention to Spencer and Joe who had to run 2 legs back to back - which is exhausting!

The most lovely part was as the first team (who I like to call the barnacles) were racing Northborough in and our other team past them they were shouting, cheering and high fiving the barnacles, willing them to win.

It’s safe to say everyone new Barnack were there with all their very vocal, and energetic supporters! Not to mention how smart they all looked!


Werrington SOKE Pictures

Werrington SOKE Pictures 1 Copthill Event
Werrington SOKE Pictures 2 Copthill Event

Peterborough Schools Yr 5&6

Peterborough Schools Yr 5&6 1
Peterborough Schools Yr 5&6 2
Peterborough Schools Yr 5&6 3
Peterborough Schools Yr 5&6 4
Peterborough Schools Yr 5&6 5