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Online safety for Parents and the Community

Internet Safety:

As we all know internet is an amazing resource for us in school. It enables children to research and use a variety of interactive learning resources which stimulates both learning and creativity.


Unfortunately the use of the internet is not without dangers and some materials accessible through it are inappropriate for primary school aged children. However, whereas no system can be guaranteed to be 100% safe, the huge benefits outweigh the disadvantages and every reasonable precaution, including monitoring and filtering systems, are used to ensure that children will be safe when they use the internet and ICT Systems at school.


Whilst the school monitors ICT use in school it needs to be understood that children have an important responsibility themselves as to how they use the internet we work hard on this in school and there are some super resources to support them in the children's section.


However in order to support you and keep you up to date with current e-safety issues we have added some useful links and resources below.


Digital Parenting magazine for families: