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Parents Consultation

 Results of the parental consultation, November 2014.


Both the full results and a summary are attached below.


The school's governing body were pleased with the response to our recent parental consultation, both in terms of the numbers of families involved but also in the generally very positive feedback it gave the school.  Thank you to those of you who completed the questionnaires, the results of which were discussed fully at our recent governors' meeting. 


We were particularly pleased with the many extremely positive responses but are also keen to explore those questions with more mixed results. Whilst these questions were fundamentally answered positively, some parents expressed concern or didn't know about some areas; the purpose of the consultation is to consider how we can improve and I hope to address these concerns below.


Q11. The school keeps me well informed about my child's progress

How we assess children's attainment and progress is currently undergoing a massive change both nationally and in our school. The government has abolished the level based system and we, along with all other schools, are currently working with the local authority and examining closely new systems of assessments. Part of this review will also be how these changes, the decisions we have made and how future assessments are communicated to parents. You will be hearing a lot about this over the coming months and we will endeavour to involve parents as closely as we can in any developments. In
the meantime please come and discuss any concerns with your child's teacher, all our children's progress is closely monitored and they will be happy to talk you through their assessments and any concerns you may have.


Q15. My child gets the right amount of homework

This is always a challenging issue for all schools as in any group of parents there are wildly diverse views on homework, ranging from: ‘they shouldn't have any' to  ‘never enough'. Our current policy is informed by the latest published government guidelines on amounts of homework. We have been reviewing and adapting the nature of our homework to ensure it supports the new national curriculum. Our spelling homework has changed and we are currently looking at how grammar, handwriting and times tables can be supported through work at home. Again this really is an area where pleasing everyone is an impossible task. 


Q18. I am given helpful information about how I can support my child at home

This is an area where the school has tried different approaches to engage parents. The recent New Curriculum Evenings were highly attended and well received as was our recent E-Safety Evenings. Other events and workshops have not been as popular and have tended to only attract the same people to multiple events. We hope to offer a range of approaches in the future, through a combination of booklets, presentations and evenings and we will  be working on a new school website in the near future which will hopefully open up new avenues to both keep you informed and offer you further information and assistance. In addition we feel if we get our homework right then this can offer guidance on how you can support your child with their work. Again your child's class teacher will gladly advise you on how best to support your child.


Q23. The school deals effectively with any incidents of bullying

This question brought a high number of ‘don't know' responses, so we want to make clear that the school has a very clear, zero tolerance approach to bullying. First and foremost the children are made aware of what bullying is and how to respond to it, both through the PSHE curriculum but also through anti-bullying week, our Christian Values and in our responses to any incidents. We have clear policies and procedures which result in all bullying allegations being recorded, investigated and reported to governors and the local authority, both of whom monitor instances of bullying.  This includes bullying in all forms, including prejudice related instances and especially now on line and E-Safety issues which are specifically addressed across the school. We are due to review our bullying policy and this will involve a full consultation of all stakeholders, including parents and children. Some parents included individual comments on their returns and we are unable to respond to these in a response of this kind, but do hope that if you wish to discuss any issues you may feel able to approach either of us.


Neil Fowkes, Headteacher

Margaret Venable, Chair of Governors