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Super start !

What a super start back to the Autumn term we have had with several engaging topic days! Last week we enjoyed our second RE day, where we learnt all about Judaism and the story of the first Passover.

The children blew me away at the knowledge they already had and were able to build upon. Over the two days they deepened their understanding of how Jewish people remember thier covenant with God whilst relating key concepts to their own lives. In addition to this, we enjoyed an exciting STEM day where we designed and built a model of a Stone Age house. The children could really relate to what life was like in the stone age by only using materials we could find outside. Their teamwork was exceptional, really communicating their ideas effectively.

As part of our PSHE day we learnt all about how to support and care for our friends aswell as thinking about how we can effectively resolve conflict. The children really impressed me with their empathy and their awareness of how we should treat one another fairly and kindly. Well Done Year 3!

Mrs Mclay

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