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We have had a couple of really creative weeks in Year 4. In STEM, we designed, made, tested and evaluated our Viking longships. The children had full ownership of deciding how they were going to make their longships and what materials they were going to use. Thank you to parents for providing all of these resources. You would not believe the state of the classroom after building these! Mayhem. However, the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I was amazed at the creativity and collaboration shown in groups.

In the last couple of weeks, we have also enjoyed a music day where we listened to ABBA's songs with a focus on Mamma Mia. We learnt to follow a rhythm and performed Mamma Mia using a mixture of singing and 'drumming'. Mrs Jones even popped her head in to say how much she enjoyed listening to the beautiful singing. In addition, we had an art day in which we learnt shading techniques and how to sketch. We studied the artist Shaun Tan and imitated an illustration of a character from the Red Tree. These sketches were incredible! We then used our skills from the day to produce some sketches of characters/settings from How to Train Your Dragon.

Finally, we have planned and written diary entries from the perspective of a Viking warrior. We have used our knowledge of the Viking raid on Lindisfarne monastery to produce some factual but imaginative diaries.

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