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What a busy few weeks we have had in Year 1!

In maths, we have been exploring how to solve and represent subtraction sentences. It has been amazing watching the children utilise the manipulatives around the classroom to help them. They have really immersed themselves into representing subtraction sentences using part-part-whole models and learning how to write these into their books.

In English, we have just finished reading the story of ‘Funny Bones’ and learning all about nouns and adjectives. As a class, we have collated a word bank of exciting adjectives and I have been very pleased with how the children have embedded this throughout their work. This week, we have been creating storyboards and character profiles ready to write our very own stories! We have explored how a story has a beginning, a problem, a solution and an ending. I have heard some amazing vocabulary used throughout the class and I am very excited to see the results at the end of this week! As it was Mental Health day on Monday, we have also introduced the story, ‘The Colour Monster’ and discussed the different emotions we feel throughout the day.

It was really lovely to hear what makes the children happy and how they help one another to feel safe and loved.

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