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Year 3’s Day Three at Stibbington: Last Day

To finish off their Stibbington trip, the children’s morning was filled with mystery as they embarked on solving a crime: Who took the treasure chest full of toffee?

The children put on their detective hats and looked at 5 suspects in question. They looked at evidence found in the crime scene such as hair samples, shoe prints, pen marks, finger prints and clothing fibres. Taking each evidence through a rigorous fair test to determine if the suspect’s matched the sample found by the Police. They were all able to piece the evidence together and find the culprit!

After a much long-awaited trip to the souvenir shop, the children were finally able to go shopping! Gem bags, atomic balls and rucksack purse were the top 3 favourites.

We also celebrated Stanley’s birthday with a delicious cake!

The children have been wonderful during our stay at Stibbington. It is definitely trip to remember!

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