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Year 6 Autumn Update

This half-term seems to have flown by yet it feels like I have had this class forever!

During this half-term we have used book Wonder as our stimuli for both our reading and writing lessons. Whilst reading the book, the children have been consolidating their ability to retrieve facts, make inferences and most recently using evidence to empathise with characters. Over the last few weeks, as we have ventured further into the book we have gained a better understanding of what the main character (August) looks and acts like. Using this knowledge along with the grammar skills that we have practised the children have just written an in-depth character description.

Within the wider curriculum, we have started to explore the human and physical geography of Mexico - the modern day MesoAmerica, where the Maya civilisation originated. More specifically, we chose a physical feature (Sonoran Desert) to research and write about. In addition to this, we were fortunate enough to have an expert from The Conversation Stamford come and deliver a thorough SRE programme for a day.

During the session, the children were very mature and extremely inquisitive, as you can imagine! A thoroughly enjoyable few weeks in Year 6!

Mr Knowling

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