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Year 6 off to a great start!

As we already near the end of the first month back in school, it has been a pleasure to start to get to know the lovely new Year 6's. They have more the risen to the being referred to as the oldest children in the school; being outstanding role models for the younger year groups.

I took huge joy in reading and hearing about some of the amazing 'What makes me who I am' summer homework projects and I now have a plethora of scrumptious recipes to work my way through over the course of the year. Mrs Davey and I have been so impressed with how the children have fully immersed themselves into all subjects during these first few weeks. We have delved into the book 'Wonder' and this has been at the heart of some awesome pieces of writing already. In maths, the children are revising and consolidating their understanding of place value, number and calculation currently. Whilst in the wider curriculum, we have turned back time to develop our understanding of the Ancient Maya civilisation, particularly focusing on when, where and who they were.

In Science we are exploring the concepts of evolution and inheritance and in Spanish we are learning the terms for different school subjects and how to use them accurately within sentences.

Mr Knowling

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