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Outdoor adventerous

Outdoor adventerous 1
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In our outdoor adventurous unit we have been looking at co-operating as a team, applying tactics and also problem solving. Here the groups were asked to devise a game, where points could be attained. Each group could choose which pieces of equipment to use for their game and then had the opportunity to sample each other’s games.

Winterwatch Live Lesson


Today, year 5 took part in the Winterwatch live lesson learning about habitats and the different animals that share our space. We learned how different animals adapt during the winter time whether it was growing extra fur or becoming camouflage.

We loved seeing our name appear on screen!

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SOKE Table Tennis Tournament 30th January 2019


Year 5 had a fantastic morning learning new skills at Arthur Mellows. The sports leaders of Arthur Mellows taught the class new skills in table tennis and then the children got to play games against each other.

A great morning was had by all.

Saxon and Viking Day on 8th November 2018


The children had a brilliant time today going back to the time of the Saxons and Vikings. They had chance to make artefacts and hear stories of the time.

After such a fantastic day, I hope they have shared their favourite parts with you.

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House Football Tournament

House Football Tournament 1
House Football Tournament 2

Congratulations Vipan!!!

On Wednesday afternoon we held a yr 5/6 house football tournament.

This not only gave the pupils an opportunity to  showcase their football skills, but also gave them the chance to experience competitive sport. We spoke about dealing with losing and how to win in a sporting manner. The competition was a huge hit and i was really proud to see pupils congratulating each other after the matches.


The competition was won by Vipan who managed to win all 3 group games and then completing a clean sweep by beating Parker in the final 2-0. Latchford beat Dawson in the plate final 1-0

Intra-school Quicksticks Competition

Year 5 have this morning, had a house quicksticks competition. The pupils have all competed in matches against the other houses, where they have used skills of sending and receiving, traveling and shooting, (which they have been developing this term) to try and help their house be successful. The competition was played in a very sporting manner and was enjoyed by all

Year 5 House Quicksticks Champions - Vipan-

Year 5 House Quicksticks Champions - Vipan- 1
Year 5 House Quicksticks Champions - Vipan- 2
Year 5 House Quicksticks Champions - Vipan- 3
Year 5 House Quicksticks Champions - Vipan- 4

Our Harvest Service at Barnack Church


The children sang beautifully at our recent trip to Barnack Church to celebrate Harvest. They learnt about how we can help others in need and thought about what they were going to do this Harvest time.

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