Mr Jelleyman – Year 6

Our Class Animal

As a young boy, I always aspired to be a professional footballer. I spent every spare moment with a ball at my feet. I loved doing this and didn’t actually realise that what I was actually doing was refining and improving my skills. This along with hard word, dedication and resilience, helped me realise my dream.  I had 10 fantastic years as a professional footballer. However, my football career ended and  I embarked on a career as a PE teacher, which I have a real passion for. It helped me realise that I wanted a try and make a real difference in pupils lives. Over the past 5 years I have been studying to become a teacher, which in turn will give me the opportunity to guide, nurture and inspire the pupils to realise their potential and help them to keep dreaming big! I am super excited to be teaching year 6 this year and sharing all their learning journeys.


Curriculum Overviews

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