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Back to the Stone Age

Year 3 have had their curiosities piqued by our exciting topic of the Stone Age.

We have been trying to imagine what life was like all that time ago when materials for tools and weapons were limited. To empathize and to use as a comparison to flint, we even had a go at carving a tool out of an ice cube. It proved quite a challenge! We have been listening to and enjoying the story of the Stone Age Boy.

This week we started to write a first-person recount of the story and I am very impressed already. I have been so proud of the care and attention to detail that the children have shown in their writing and presentation. We are really demonstrating that pride and excellence in our work. I even had the pleasure of being able to give out some much coveted pen licences last week…..let’s hope we will be able to give some more out by the end of the year. Keep up the hard work! In Maths, the children have been working hard and now have a sound knowledge of place value which is going to stand them in good stead for moving onto our work on column addition and subtraction.

Excitingly, we have just started our Spanish lessons which the children are fully engrossed in and enthusiastic to learn a new language! Swimming and violin lessons are going exceptionally well and all the children continue to give 100% attention and dedication which is a delight to see. Keep it up Year 3!

Mrs Mclay

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