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Our SEN Provision

Our SEN Provision


The school's Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Miss Sally Walton who is assisted by Mrs A Makansi. Miss Walton is in school every Wednesday and is available all week via email or telephone. Sally Walton and her team have dedicated time for working with children and parents to see them drop-in or contact the school office. In line with the SEN Code of Practice, please find attached our SEN Provision - this is in line with the agreed local offer template from our Local Authority - Peterborough


For details of Peterborough's Local Offer, go to:

Below are our current  SEND statement/report, which details how the school currently supports children with SEND, this should be viewed alongside the Local Authority Offer, see the link above. In addition below you can see the school's SEN Policy, this again should be viewed alongside the school's other policies to be found in the Key Information section of the website.

SEND Policy 2022

SEND info report September 2022

Barnack Accessibility Plan 2019 - 2022

Barnack Accessibility Equality Information and Objectives

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