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Hinduism day in Year 5

As part of our exploration of world religions, Year 5 took part in a Hindu day this week and  were given the opportunity to experience a range of activities.

The class was joined by Hinduism Education services who delivered a really engaging and enjoyable session. As well as learning  the Hindu gods and characters, complete with puppets , the children were treated to readings from the Bhagavad- Gita and traditional Hindu stories and spiritual teachings.

The children learnt traditional dance steps and choreographed a short routine with prizes for the best two dancers.  Children also used traditional percussion sticks to perform a Dandeya for the class to enjoy - which included some tricky looking moves that looked like a sword fight.

 To end the session, a few of the children dressed up as the gods, Shive, Ganesh and Vishnu and all the children were able to try out and wear the colourful traditional outfits.

Other children had the opportunity to mix Chandan, made from saffron  sandalwood and rose water, to make paste which is traditionally used to keep cool in hot climates.

We have had a great day and learned a lot about Hinduism, the culture and traditions.

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