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It is really important that you only send in your child to school when you are working, if you are at home you need to be keeping your child at home. This advice is coming from the Government, who are keen for schools to stay open only for a very few children.

If you are uncertain please check the image below:

Schools have shut so that people can stay at home and keep themselves out of harms way. We need to be socially responsible and stay at home if at all possible.

When your child comes to school next week there will be a lot of things that are different. We think it would be really helpful to talk these through with your child before hand.

>We will be asking the children to come in on there own from the front door, hand washing will be the first activity.

>Each child will be given a classroom that will be there base for the weeks to come.

>Please do not bring in anything from home other than your coat.

>We will be maintaining all safeguarding procedures.

>We will be maintaining social distancing and staggering break times, please talk to your children about this.

>We will be maintaining our high standards of behaviour and expect children to continue this.

We thank you in advance for supporting us as we support all the key workers in keeping the country well.

Mrs Firth

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