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Jam Packed Autumn Term

As the Autumn term draws a close, Year 5 are working hard answering the Big Question:

What makes us who we are?.

We are thinking carefully about what we have learnt in all areas of the curriculum and how our new knowledge answers the Big Question as we write information texts.

In DT, we have made prototype bridges out of card and are ready to construct more robust versions using card, wood and glue. We are all very excited at the prospect of using hack saws and glue guns to realise our designs.

As part of our Victorian project, Year 5 had a wonderful immersion day at Burghley House. We examined genuine Victrorian objects from Burghley House and had to guess their purpose when still in use at Burghley House.

Building on our classroom knowledge, we learnt about the separate jobs that girls and boys would have done and practiced our skills as laundry maids (folding sheets) and footmen (polishing shoes and brass). After some physical -theatre re-enacting the Dickens' classic 'A Christmas Carol', the beautiful Great Hall played host to our Victorian parlour games where much fun was had by all!

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