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Super Science

We had a super science week for British science week! We did several activities which linked to our topic on 'states of matter'.

We melted chocolate, cheese, butter and ice to observe their change from solid to liquid. We then had to try and turn the melted liquid back into a solid using ice. Our second activity was making ice cream which we were vey excited about. We learnt that salt lowers the freezing temperature. Finally, we had to use salt to rescue some toy bears from blocks of ice. This took lots of time and patience.

In English, children have been learning about debates. They enjoyed a debate about whether children should wear school uniform or not. They are currently writing debates on 'Can children make a difference to the environment?' The children have been very passionate for this.

For DT, we had to use glue guns to make a useable product out of recycling (thank you for your supplies parents!). The children had to design their products and then set about making it using glue guns to attach different parts. We had great fun and produced some really interesting products such as a game, plant pot and a pencil pot which is being used in the classroom.

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