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Y5 WWII Diary writing

A Diary of World War 2! 

My name is Reymond Alfred Carlson, I am a soldier and I am going to tell you all about my experience fighting in the horrors of WW2. 

Before I share anything, I am telling you that the war is not over, but I hope for the future there will be peace all over the World.

Every night, I think back to the time where I was sitting on my sofa with my family, in my cozy house in central London when, Winston Churchill, made his famous speech announcing that there was going to be once again another War with Germany. I shared a glance with my wife who’s name is Enid Olivia Carlson, while Florence and Joyce had no other care in the world except the trains they were playing with. That was until we broke the tragic news to them: that there is a 70% chance that they will have to be evacuated. It scared them for life and turned their happiness into sorrow and tears.

Two days later, I heard a knock on the door. I had been dreading this day since we had officially found out that all the men, no matter what colour or creed, would have to come and fight. He asked if I would be willing to save my country (England.) At first, I was not convinced about the thought of War but the more I thought about it, I realised that it would be up to me and the many other men joining me to save our country possibly forever more. Not knowing what my mind had made up, I enthusiastically answered with a straight yes! My wife looked at me with her mouth hanging down her chin as tears filled her eyes. As I walked with pride back in the house my straight back now hunched as I realised what a serious commitment I had agreed to.

I took a deep breath and slowly turned the doorknob to my daughter’s room. Even though they were only 8 and 9 years old they knew that it was definite that they would have to be evacuated. 

Now, I am sitting in my bunker hearing the shriek of the dreadful sirens joined by the screaming of the other soldier participants and their beloved families as well the hissing bombs falling rapidly from what was once a pretty light blue sky, now a gloomy claustrophobic space. What was once the smell of bonfires in my caring home, is now the smell of dead rats that fill the bunks.

Three days later, much to the country's relief, we had the Polish and French army joining us and that meant we were the strongest we had ever been before! That’s it for now I will update if everything continues to run smoothly. I hope the people of future generations will read my diary and learn that life is NOT always cupcakes and rainbows. Acknowledge that you have to make your own choices sometimes!

A few weeks on….

As I promised, I am updating you about what has happened since the last time I have had a chance to write in my diary. I have had an experience that I will never forget. 

Once the French and Polish army had helped us fight Germany, we were gaining back the strength that we had once lost. Until Germany conquered Poland and eventually overpowered France, we were on our own, holding on for dear life. We were hopeless, and everything was starting to fall apart, much like my arm. I was lying on the dirty and dusty ground in the middle of the war field. When all of a sudden out of thin air, a huge hissing bullet came flying at me and the next thing I knew I had slumped to the ground and completely lost consciousness. Now I am sat in the dark and gloomy hospital with the rest of the poor soldiers that have nearly lost their lives from the horrors of war. I can’t think about anything else apart from my beloved children and wife back at home. I hope that they are safe and I will see them again.

By Elisa, Isabelle and Lauren. .

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I was very fun writing this story with my friends.

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