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Year 3 News

As we approach the half way point of the Autumn term, Year 3 should feel incredibly proud of the progress we have made so far! We have smashed our 1000,000 word count target on accelerated reader and I can really see how much the children are challenging themselves in their reading...fantastic! We are fully engrossed in our Stone Age topic and the children are asking pertinent and enquiring question which are steering our learning in an exciting way. On Thursday we had a history afternoon where we completed our own cave drawings in class to depict the major achievements of the Stone Age. These included the making of early clothing, by weaving grass or flax. In order to fully understand what weaving was, the children had a go at some paper weaving which they thoroughly enjoyed. In Science, we have been learning all the scientific names for the parts of the skeleton and thinking about what our bodies would be like without one! This week we have completed our writing of the Stone Age Boy and I have been so impressed at how much the children's' writing has progressed in such a short space of time. We are very much looking forward to sharing and celebrating their many achievements with you at our upcoming classroom open morning in December. Have a lovely, restful half term.

Mrs McLay

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