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Year 3’s Day One at Stibbington

Today was the day year 3 set off on their journey to Stibbington! Being their first residential trip, the children were filled with excitement, joy and a little bit of nerves.

Using their scientific skills and previous knowledge of rocks, they went on a walk around Stibbington Village to identify different rocks types and their uses. Once they were back in the centre, they conducted a fair test to see different rocks’ permeability and impermeability.

To wrap up their activities before dinner, they were split into three different groups: Power Rangers, Waste Wizards and Garden Gangs. They were all tasked with different activities to do with the weather, managing waste and keeping the garden tidy.

Applying their addition and subtraction skills, they created their shopping list for the souvenir shop! They all decided what they wanted; wrote down how many they wanted; how much each item was; totalled their prices and; calculated their change. The year 3s are very excited to get their shopping bags on Friday!

To finish off the night, they had supper with a flapjack and hot chocolate and story time.

They cannot wait for their Roman Day tomorrow!

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