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Year 6 Update

As this half-term comes to end, we have continued to make great strides forward in Year 6. Throughout the half-term, the children have developed their knowledge of the differing biomes across the world; the different animals and vegetation that they inhabit; the adaptations made because of the climate and the impact that humans have had on each biome.

Using their knowledge, the children have produced some beautifully presented, informative non-chronological reports about the biomes of their choice. As well as this, in our maths lessons we have delved into the topic of measurement over the last couple of weeks, exploring metric and imperial units and how to convert between them. In addition to this, we have revised perimeter, area and volume. As we approach the half-way stage of the year, I genuinely couldn't be prouder of my class and the progress they have made already this year!

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