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A Busy Week

As it is national poetry week, we have continued to explore various poems. We have looked at the different types of poems and what they might include. The children especially loved using alliteration!

On Tuesday we then wrote up our final poem drafts ready to read to the class. It took a lot of courage to stand in front of the class and read out loud but the children did great and should be very proud of themselves.

We had a super day in forest school yesterday! The children were thinking about the Easter story and making Easter gardens. They had so much fun exploring the forest area to find different resources and the gardens looked fantastic. They all worked very hard and showed amazing team work!

In maths, we have been exploring money; recognising coins and notes, looking at repeated addition, addition using different coins and even thinking about change. Today, to finalise our topic of money, we set up a Barnack shop where the children could come to buy different items using coins. I was so shocked at the resilience I witnessed and how they all took their time to count out the correct coins in order to pay.

It has definitely been a fun filled couple of weeks where we have learnt so much! As we near the end of term, it has really been a joy to see the progress year 1 have made thus far. The children should all be extremely proud of themselves!

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