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Forming part of our History topic, Year 5 had the pleasure of experiencing life as an ancient Greek as History off the page visited us for a day of outstanding activities. The children were joined by Year 5 children from Winyates as they engaged in a range of creative activities to give them a taste of life as an ancient Greek. 

The children spent the morning creating a range of trinkets to sell at the agora (an ancient Greek marketplace), carving Ancient Greek vistas into soap, painted their own mythical scene onto pottery, constructed their very own wax tablet for writing on as well as designing and making a range of charm necklaces and bracelets out of clay. 

The afternoon was spent rehearsing and performing some authentic Greek comedies and tragedies, plus a pretty well choreographed dance routine (luckily Mrs Alexander came to the rescue here).

The children looked amazing in their chosen Greek attire and have had a great day. A special thank you to the parent helpers who gave up their day to supervise the incredible range of activities.

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