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A magical day Pottering

Year 5 had an amazing day exploring the wizarding world of all things Harry Potter.

The children were able to see first hand the costumes, props and sets that were used in the amazing movies that brought JK Rowlings' characters from the page to the big screen. They were given insight into how Robbie Coltrane was transformed into Hagrid as well as range of prosthetics that were glued to actors to change them into weird and wonderful creatures which inhabit Harry's world. The class even got to experience a little movie magic too as they each took flight on a broomstick to pursue a golden snitch. After seeing the breath-taking giant model of Hogwarts, the trip concluded with the obligatory visit to the gift shop for a few mementos of the occasion and a relaxing journey back to school. This week we will be capitilising on the sparked imaginations with a full week of Potter themed English activities.

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