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A 'peak' into year 4's week...

Year 4 had a wonderful start to the term with our school trip to the Peak district as part of our mountain topic in week 1.

We climbed Thorpe Cloud (a limestone hill) in Dovedale, which was pretty hard going and very rocky. It felt like a mountain that's for sure! Think the adults were definitely aching more than the children afterwards.

After our descent, we then went over the stepping stones, which was good fun. We have enjoyed lots of electricity work in Science- building circuits and exploring conductors and insulators including making our own conductors.

We are using our knowledge of circuits to build a solar powered torch in STEM. In english, we have been drafting writing letters to Mrs Joubert/Mr Knowling on saving electricity in our school. This has inspired children to go around turning off lights, computers and smart boards when not in use.

Miss Earth

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