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Celebrating our Successes

These results are truly the icing on the cake for this Year 6 cohort! The children have worked relentlessly throughout the year, showing great determination and motivation whether that be during lessons, interventions or continued learning from home. From the start of the year, the children brought into creating a learning environment that is enthusiastic, inclusive and encouraging.

It has been lovely to see the children be so supportive and kind to one another as they have ventured through the year, helping each other to develop as learners. All the staff here at Barnack are so proud of the amazing progress that the children have made academically, socially and emotionally; they truly are ready for secondary school.

As a school we are also extremely grateful to all the parents for their cooperation and investment into their child’s education during their time at primary school - it has really helped to make a difference.

Mr Knowling

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