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Cracking creative composing

As the term draws to a close, and we come to the end of our amazing music unit on Hip-Hop, studying the theme tune to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Year 5 have had an amusing time composing marvellous melodies to accompany the song.

We have also experienced the wider world of Hip-Hop, listening to and appraising, Me. Myself and I and Rapper's Delight. The children have utilised digital media when writing their melodies and have shared their tunes with each other - and probably parents too.

In computing, we are beginning to learn different techniques that film makers use when producing content and mini movies, and the children have had the opportunity to use digital recording equipment to reproduce all of the different kinds of shot a movie maker would use when filming. They can't wait for next term when they can begin to produce a longer film linking these ideas.

The children have worked incredibly hard in the last few weeks, writing their own myths, using the key features and writing techniques that we have looked at in English lessons and will be continuing our study of the Ancient Greeks after half term.

In maths, we have really leaned into all things fractions and have spent the last few weeks learning some of the trickier skills involving converting mixed numbers into improper fractions and back again. All in all, a very productive term and a well earned half term break.

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