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Magnificent mummification

We have continued our learning on Ancient Egyptians. We learnt about the process of mummification and then we mummified some tomatoes which was a real highlight of our history learning. We also learnt about the Egyptian hierarchy, Gods/Goddesses, the River Nile and houses.

In science, we have been busy investigating sound. We used data loggers (brand new science equipment) that measured the volume of sound in decibels when were showing how sound gets quieter the further away you are from the source. We also investigated the best materials to use for noise cancelling headphones.

In maths, we have finished our multiplication and division topic and have moved onto fractions. We have been practising adding and subtracting fractions and equivalent fractions. In English, we have finished our biographies and written them up in neat. The children are very proud of them!

Finally, Year 4 planned and performed a class assembly on forgiveness for the whole school. The collective worship ambassadors did a brilliant job of writing and organising a piece of drama for the children to act out (thank you Elena & Harper). We practised a new song 'Forgive one another' and they sang absolutely beautifully.

Miss Earth

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