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Mayans and Cadbury World

Within these first couple of weeks back, we have indulged in the history of the Mayan civilisation. Within school, we have established when the Mayan's originated and considered what was happening in Britain at the time. We explored different Mayan artefacts and considered what they can help us to learn about the civilisation. Following this, we developed our understanding of the Mayan social hierarchy and the key foundations of their culture.

As well as gaining knowledge in school, our trip to Cadbury World orientated around the Mayan workshop that they deliver. During the session, we learnt about some of the Mayan buildings, clothing, beliefs and of course their obsession with cocoa. The workshop was fascinating and we all left with knowledge that we could apply back at school.

Following our workshop, we had a tour of the Cadbury factory. This involved writing our names in chocolate, experiencing tempering chocolate, listening to the history of Cadbury and the production methods. Unsurprisingly, The tour also involved tasting some chocolate and visiting the souvenir shop at the end. Finally, before we hopped back onto the coach, we had time to experience the 4D cinema, which the children absolutely loved. A great day, full of knowledge and chocolate.

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