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Memorable Music

Year 5 have been engaged in creating their own EDM composition this week led by Conductive Music. We were lucky enough to be visited by the very patient Enrico who delivered an amazing workshop and taught us the fundamentals.

Working online, we learned how to program  a micro-bot micro processors so that as they were tilted each move produced a different short tune composed by teach pair. We have also studied a little music theory and put our learning into practice by making a little body percussion to create a rhythmic ensemble performance. 

We went on to use out newly gained knowledge of crotchet, quavers and semi-quavers to program the micro-processor to play notes of a specific length, and we’re able to change the pitch of the note by holding and tilting it to create new compositions and a class performance. Finally, we programmed our micro-bots to measure light and produce tones in response to the light in classroom. An amazing and memorable lesson!

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