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New term, new topic

At the end of last term, we had great fun acting out the Viking raid on Lindisfarne monastery. We also had a music day focusing on Mamma Mia. We got to sing along to the song whilst also using 'instruments' found in the classroom to add to the rhythm of the song. In the last week of term, we also had an art day in which children learnt how to shade and sketched pictures in the style of an illustrator. Our overarching topic this term is still the Vikings but with a focus on Geography instead.

So far we have learnt what settlements are and what early settlers needed to survive: food, water and shelter. We had to decide out of 3 sites which one would be best to build a house for our Viking family based on how close it was to a water source or trees. We also learnt how to use atlases and had to find certain countries in Europe on a map and a globe. Finally, we have looked at modern day settlements and how land is used in different ways such as for agriculture, entertainment or retail.

We had to use google earth to compare the land use in Peterborough to other cities and towns. The children (and the staff) are all very excited for the residential! We will post some photos on our return.

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