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Re-Producing Amazing Work

As the term, and the Year, draws to a close, the children have been reflecting on their first term and all of the successes and celebrations that they have enjoyed. Each of the children have worked incredibly hard to produce their final draft of their Industrial Revolution non-chronological report. In fact, they are so proud that they wanted to share them with everyone. The children have collated their learning, and additional facts that they found for homework, into one amazing report, discussing the effects and impacts of the Industrial Revolution on Victorian Society. They have each produced an amazingly detailed report. As part of our Science unit on Reproduction, we have studied the life cycles of mammals, insects, amphibians and insects and drawn our own versions. We have also looked at sexual and asexual reproduction and are fascinated by the gruesome life and reproductive cycle of Ophiocordyceps unilateralis (look on Google).

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