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Sacrewell Day One

What a fantastic first day in the sun! After arriving this morning we were greeted by the Sacrewell team, who led us to our campsite before the children where given time to make their bell tent their home for the coming days.

Our first activity for the day was orienteering around the site; allowing the children to see all of the animals and areas on the farm. Following lunch, the children were split into 3 groups to complete some unique activities: fire starting, chocolate workshop and blacksmithing.

Within the chocolate workshop the children acted as chocolatiers, adding liquid chocolate into the moulds before decorating the chocolate with sweets and writing their name on the chocolate using piping bags. During the blacksmith session, the children were all given the opportunity to work with blacksmith to make their own key ring - hammering and clamping it into the position they wanted.

The children enjoyed their pasta or jacket potatoes for dinner and the majority of them demolished their iced doughnut. Due to the heat, the stream session this evening was a refreshing break. The children worked in teams to build a small raft using materials before sending them through the course formed along the stream. Following the rafts, the children had opportunity to delve into the stream - with not many of them holding back!

As the sun started to set, we enjoyed some time in the play park before finishing the evening with hot chocolate and cake. The children have been an absolute pleasure today and have been complimented on their behaviour and manners on numerous occasions. Bring on tomorrow!

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