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This week in Reception

This week it has been science week at school. We’ve been taking a lot about seasons and the change in weather, furthermore we have been discussing how to keep plants alive - what they need and how we can help them over the summer months. We planted trees in the forest school area and look forward to seeing them grow in the months and years ahead.

We’ve been using our senses and prepositional language, that we’ve been working on in maths, to direct one another blind folded, this was a lot harder for the children than they first thought. W had to use our ears to listen to the environment and our friends instructions, use our hands to feel around us and some of the children even used their smell and said they could smell Mrs Anthony’s cooking!

Yesterday we created our mini town, we experimented with mixing water to paint and chalk and looked at the different textures and consistencies. It was also rather windy yesterday and our buildings started blowing around, we predicted what buildings we thought would stay standing and which buildings would fall over. I was so impressed with how our town looked, Reception put so much thought into it!

It’s been another busy week in reception, everyone has worked really hard 😊

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