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Well Year 3 have gone into 2023 with a bang!

Following out terrifically successful trip to Stibbington, the children have returned to school and thrown themselves into their learning with gusto.

We have been thoroughly enjoyed learning about the riotous Romans, producing some interesting and very informative fact files. This week the children have wowed me with their word processing skills, typing up their paragraphs and adding images to bring them to life. In our reading we have been focussing on the key skills of retrieval, word meaning and inference. The latter is a higher level skill and proved a challenge to be able to "read between the lines". However, as always, the children are listening and trying to apply their learning, with increasing levels of success. In our Maths lessons we have been tackling the abstract concept of time in its analogue and digital form. The children have worked so hard and we now need to build on this knowledge.

Any additional support at home would be enormously beneficial. In Science we have been learning about forces, including friction, which culminated in an exciting experiment this week testing which hockey puck would move fastest across the ice! Mental health week has provided us with many opportunities to discuss how we can look after ourselves and each other and it was a delight to see how the children are able to articulate how they feel and be so empathetic towards one another.

Finally, just a quick reminder that the children can read and quiz over half term. Hope everyone has a lovely, restful week off and see you back on the 20th.

Mrs McLay

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