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Year 3 hit the ground running!

Year 3 have returned to Barnack with a determined attitude to work hard and we have definitely hit the ground running!

I must mention first though our fantastic, "Stone Age Day," that we throughly enjoyed at the end of the term. Thank you so much for your support with this. The children were immersed in the time period, led by Om, completing various activites, the highlight of the day being the archery!

 In our Maths work we have been cementing our knowledge of long multiplication moving onto bus stop division. These are two brand new methods for year 3 and they have blown me away with the speed with which they have picked these up!  

In our English we have been immersing ourselves in "The Iron Man," by Ted Hughes in preparation for some creative writing. The children have been learning about the literary technique of using similes to enhance description, which they will then have a go at in the own writing.

Our Science topic this half term is friction and magnets and we kicked it this exciting topic off with an experiment, testing how different surfaces affect the amount of friction created. The children demonstrated great independence and responsibility as they had to move around school to carry out their testing. Well done Year 3!

We have completed our R.E day, centred around the core belief of reincarnation in Hinduism. There were some big concepts to unpick and the children engaged with this, showing a deep level of sensitivity and maturity in discussions.

We have begun our Spanish lessons with gusto and the children are throughly enjoying the challenge of learning a new language. Hopefully they can try out their new skills at home and wow you too!

So all in all a really positive start to the Spring term! Let's keep up with our reading quizzes especially now the year 2 are hot on our heels as well as our times tables practice at home.

Good job year 3....keep it up!

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