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Year 3’s Day Two at Stibbington: Roman Day

As expected the children were up early and excited to start their Roman day!

During the morning, they had an introduction to Romans: who they were; how they lived and; the Roman artefacts left behind around Stibbington. They were so surprised and impressed that they were Roman settlements so close to him!

To finish the morning, the year 3s transformed into Roman soldiers. They were taught how to march properly with discipline listening to Latin instructions in three separate groups: Ruber (red), Caelum (blue) and Croceus (yellow). They were then given shields to practise the following Roman shield formations: the Testudo, the Orb and the Wedge.

In the afternoon, the year 3s were given four different Roman activities to complete: Wax Stippling, Clay Mosaics, Roman Feast and Roman Objects.

Wax Stippling - They learnt how Romans used a wax tablet and stippling tool to write things down. The children had a go at using the wax to answer Roman Numeral maths questions.

Clay Mosaics - The children were given a square piece of clay where they could create their own mosaic designs inspired by Roman mosaics.

Roman Feast - They were given the opportunity to make their own Stuffed Date! As a team, they followed the recipe and made the stuffing for their dates. The dates were both a hit and a miss with the children's taste buds though!

Roman Objects - The children played 'What am I?' each child got to describe an object and the rest of the team would guess which objects it was using their inference skills!

To round off the night, we thought we were going to have a campfire... However, the weather was not on our side as it was raining on and off throughout the evening. Instead, we enjoyed a cosy film night with hot chocolate!

The children are excited to go home and sleep on their comfy beds, but they will miss the company of each other in their bedrooms - playing games, reading books/comics, drawings and eating the snacks they brought with them.

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